Empathy News Round Up

Submitted on Fri, January 6, 2012

Suit Lets Young Folks Feel Like 75 (MSNBC, Jan. 5, 2012)

We talk about walking in the shoes of another. Well, how about walking in the entire body of another? MIT recently released a full body suit known as the Age Gain Now Empathy System (AGNES) to help people experience the physical effects of aging. The suit will help engineers and others design effective and compassionate tools and systems for an aging population.


Amy Clark of Ashoka on 2011 and What's to Come in the Year Ahead (Dowser, Jan. 3, 2012)

In this interview with Dowser, Amy Clark, U.S. Fellow Selection leader, talks about the democratization of the social entrepreneurship movement as one of the big trends of the last year. What does she see looking ahead at 2012? You guessed it: Empathy. 


“Building a ‘Muscular Empathy’” (Huffington Post, Jan 2, 2012)

In response to a recent Atlantic Monthly article, Viral Mehta, co-founder of ServiceSpace.org, explores what it means to have a “muscular empathy” rooted in both rigorous investigation and real humility. Using examples such as Ashoka Fellow Mary Gordon’s Roots of Empathy and Aravind Eye Care System in India, Mehta reminds us why a deep and rigorous empathy is at the heart of success in design, in business, and in changemaking.