Global Changemaker Schools

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Ashoka strives to make empathy, teamwork, leadership, and problem-solving (what we call changemaker skills) as valued in education as traditional academic skills so that all students find their voices and can make a positive impact on the world. 

In order to achieve this goal, we created the Changemaker Schools Network, a global community of leading schools that serve as models for cultivating these skills in students. Schools in the network share best practices with each other and benefit from opportunities to collaborate with other schools, connect with Ashoka's partners, present at conferences, and more.

United States (54 schools--and growing!)




University of Wyoming Lab School                             Westtown School
Public, Laramie, Wyoming                            Private, West Chester, Pennsylvania



Summit Elementary                                                  Thomas Magnet School
Public, Casper, Wyoming                                    Public, Shelbyville, Tennessee


San Miguel Elementary                                                 Shady Hill School
Public, Sunnyvale, California                       Public, Cambridge, Massachusetts



Eastwood Elementary School                                            Mission Grammar School
Public, West Fargo, North Dakota                   Private, Roxbury, Massachusetts


Rainbow Community School                               Cottonwood Creek Elementary
Private, Asheville, North Carolina
                                        Public, Coppell, Texas




Orchards Elementary School                                       The Project School
Public, Lewiston, Idaho       
                                           Charter, Bloomington, Indiana


Sustainability Academy                                       Highlands Elementary School
at Lawrence Barnes Elementary                                   Public, Edina, Minnesota

Public, Burlington, Vermont


Anansi Charter School                                                       Spring Mill Elementary School
Charter, Taos, New Mexico                                 Public, Indianapolis, Indiana

Mission Hill School                                                        The Nueva School
Public, Boston, MA                                                   Private, Hillsborough, CA



Academy for Global Citizenship                        Lighthouse Community Charter School
Public Charter, Chicago, IL                              Public Charter, Oakland, CA



Maury Elementary School                                 John Stanford International School
Public, Washington, DC                                    Public, Seattle, WA



E.L. Haynes Public Charter School                    J. Erik Jonsson Community School
Public Charter, Washington, DC                       Private, Dallas, TX



Malcolm X Elementary School                           Opal School
Public, Berkeley, CA                                         Public Charter, Portland, OR 



Lusher Charter School                                 Granville T. Woods Elementary School
Public Charter, New Orleans, LA                 Public, Brooklyn, NY 



North Glendale Elementary School             San Diego Cooperative Charter School
Public, St.Louis, MO                                     Public Charter, San Diego, CA 



Bridport Central School                                              St. Ann Elementary School
Public, Bridport, VT                                                     Private, Bridgeport, CT 



St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic School                         Lake Forest Park Elementary School
Private, Bellevue, WA                                                  Public, Lake Forest Park, WA



Mundo Verde Public Charter School                           Georgetown Day School
Public Charter, Washington, DC                                 Private, Washington, DC 



Cypress Hills Community School                               The Brooklyn New School
Public, Brooklyn, NY                                                  Public, Brooklyn, NY



Prospect Sierra School                                              Urban Montessori Charter School
Private, El Cerrito, CA                                                Public Charter, Oakland, CA 


Cunningham Elementary School                                The Inspired Teaching Demonstration PCS
Public, Austin, TX                                                        Public Charter, Washington, DC 



Park Forest Elementary School                                Salem  Hills Elementary School
Public, State College, PA                                          Public, Inner Grive Heights, MN 



Hyde-Addison Elementary School                             Mary Buren Elementary School
Public, Washington, DC                                             Public, Guadalupe, CA 



Voyager Academy Elementary School                       Blue School
Public Charter, Durham, NC                                       Private, New York, NY


Ephesus Elementary School                                        Namaste Charter School
Public, Chapel Hill, NC                                                 Charter, Chicago, IL